What is it?

The PaperGator® is a unique fundraiser where your non-profit organization (church or school) is paid to collect paper products and place them in a bin for recycling.

Why do it?

Being good stewards of our resources is a great reason by itself, but in this case you also earn funds for recycling!!

How does it work?

  1. Promote – Using PaperGator® artwork that is provided on this website, the organization will promote the program. Click here to view the files.
  2. Collect – Bring in recyclable paper anytime from your homes or any other available sources and place it in the PaperGator® bin. Each location will be set on a regular pick up schedule, we look to fill each bin at minimum every other week.
  3. Get Paid – You will then receive a check for the amount collected. Non-profit organizations are paid twice a year.

Where does the paper go?

The paper will be picked up and taken to BPV Environmental in Byron Center, Michigan or Quincy Recycling in New Haven, Indiana to be processed.

What will the paper become?

The paper will be shredded and processed into hydro seeding mulch, lawn establishment products, lawn repair products, Fresh News® Cat Litter, dog litter, Fresh News® Small Animal Bedding, Fresh News® Small Animal Litter or recycled at paper mills, cellulose insulation manufacturers or other recycling facilities.

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