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PaperGator® – A Trusted Program Where Everyone Wins!
Your Organization, The Environment, and The Community.

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Steps to getting a PaperGator® bin:

  • Churches need to have a minimum weekly attendance of 250 people.
  • Schools need to have a minimum of 200 students.
  • Your organization must be a non-profit with a Federal Identification number.
  • A bin placement area must be available that is free of overhead trees and wires. This area must also remain unobstructed by vehicles allowing for pickups.
  • Your organization is willing to promote the program to members and the surrounding community to make the program successful.
  • Please check the bin locator page on this website to verify we service your city. If your city is not listed, email your organization name and address to check for availability:


Download or open and print the following two files (W-9 and relevant application) and email or fax them to BPV Environmental.

Applications will be reviewed and responded to through the email provided on the application.

Making Your Program A Success.

Place your PaperGator® container in a highly visible and easily accessible location for use by staff, students’ families and the community.

Place recycling bins/ boxes in your classrooms and offices to ensure they are readily accessible. This ensures that ALL paper will be recycled. Download PaperGator® Logo Here

Promote your program

Tell others in your community, school, workplace, etc. Community participation is essential for a successful program. Schools, use your Parent – Teacher meetings to make sure that everyone is aware of your recycling program. Let everyone know this is a fundraiser and encourage recycling on a regular basis.

Have a Paper Drive – Encourage recycling at your PaperGator®.

Acceptable materials include newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, office & school paper, paperboard (grocery type boxes), mail with no need to sort, and cardboard pieces 12”x 12” or smaller.

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