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Steps to getting a PaperGator® bin:

Verify you meet the following criteria:

  1. Churches need to have a minimum weekly attendance of 250 people.
  2. Schools need to have a minimum of 200 students.
  3. Your organization must be a non-profit with a Federal Identification number.
  4. A bin placement area must be available that is free of overhead trees and wires. This area must also remain unobstructed by vehicles allowing for pickups.
  5. Your organization is willing to promote the program to members/donors to make the program successful.
  6. Please check the bin locator page on this website to verify we service your city. If your city is not listed, email your organization name and address to check for availability:

Complete Application

Download or open and print the following two files and email or fax them to BPV Environmental.

  1. Complete the Application. Click here to print the form.
  2. Complete the W-9 form.  Click here to print the form.
  3. For West Michigan and Mid Michigan, email to
    or fax to 616-281-4524
  4. For Northeast Indiana, email
    or fax to 260-748-2563.

Once setup forms and the W-9 have been submitted, we will check all details and call you with any questions or to confirm bin placement.

Artwork Files

Click here for the files.

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